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It's a Man's World.

Mamie Van Doren

If you turned the world upside down and women ran it, there would be some profound differences. Back in the 1960’s I made a movie called “Voyage to the Planet of the Prehistoric Women.” As sci-fi stories go, it wasn’t an especially original idea. Women ruled the planet, ate nothing but raw fish, and were entirely lesbian. Suppose you woke up tomorrow morning on a planet ruled by women. How would you fare? Imagine “Hail to the Chief” being sung by Aretha Franklin for Hillary Clinton. Men would be jumping out of windows coast to coast or heading for the hills to form militias.
I know it will never happen. Women have been second class citizens since the first amoeba grew a dick and began paddling around the primordial soup in search of a sweet little girl amoeba to stick it in. I’m sure it didn’t take long for the first female amoeba to discover just what hoops the male amoeba would jump through for a little amoeba ass. We have schemed and plotted ever since, using pussy power to make our way and raise our young in this man’s world.

Gloria Steinam once wrote that if men menstruated, having a period would become an enviable thing. Men would brag about how long theirs lasted and how much flow they had.

So true. I mean, guys, you’ve had everything pretty much the way you wanted it. And, given the state of things on this planet, I can’t say that you have all that much to boast about.

But we’re kind of used to it. You boys will storm around and wreck the best parts of civilization, while you glorify the most destructive inventions and ideas imaginable. You’ll sacrifice a generation or two of the world’s youth to the glory of some belief, or theory, or dogma that really only represents a different way of distributing material wealth, while maintaining control over the masses of the poor.

And, when the campaign is over, blood dripping from your hands, you step back in horror at the deeds you’ve done, and you come to our breasts for comfort. And you fuck us and another generation begins.
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